Iron Giant prints on eBay

by jAsian

Hello everyone!

It has come to my attention that a couple of my prints are being sold on eBay.  Although flattered to see my work being valued, I also find it rather annoying that someone would purchase my print just for the sake of reselling it.  Not even reselling it at the price they bought it for, but marking it up exponentially!  I appreciate the people who were able to purchase a print and I want to help out the people who were unable to get one without paying what the seller is asking for.

Here’s what I offer you.  As the artist, I have a handful of AP (Artist Prints) available and before releasing them online, I would love to give you another opportunity to get a print if you’re interested.  I will be starting the bids at less than whatever I will be selling my AP’s for.  If the print sells for that much, then great!

I want everyone to have a fair chance of getting a print for a decent price because it’s more important to me that you have what you want and this is the only way I can really think about going about it.


Auction #1  or Auction #2

Click on an image below to magically teleport to the corresponding auction.

As always, thanks for the support and happy bidding!


Regular AP Edition

Variant AP Edition