Art Shows Galore!

by jAsian

Big update today, guys!

So I wanted to give you all a heads up for some upcoming shows I’ve been invited to.  First up is “Happy Little Trees: A Tribute to Bob Ross” art show at the Screaming Sky Gallery in Portland, OR.  There are some really really talented artists in this show, many of whom I’ve been fans of for years.  That being said, I’m truly honored to be in such amazing company.  This show opens on September 27th and runs till October 21st.  I’ve got some limited edition giclee prints that will be available during the show’s run as well as some AP’s available at some point.  Spoiler alert: It’s really happy and colorful.  I’ll post pics soon after the opening.

Next up is Blunt Graffix’s: Dead Rockstars art show at the LTD. Gallery in Seattle, WA (Capitol Hill area)  This is my first time working with this gallery and I’m super stoked to be showing there, I’ve been following them for a while now.  This is only a 3 day show with only printmaking techniques, so if you’re a fan of music and screen prints, this show is for you!  The show runs from September 28-30 but will still have the artwork available for purchase afterwards.  Spoiler alert: It’s one of my darker pieces and I haven’t really done anything like it before.  It’s impacting and dark (opposite of the Bob Ross piece).  I’ll have limited edition screen prints in this show. Pics to follow soon.

Thirdly I will be releasing some remaining Zombie prints at the Bottleneck Gallery in NY.  This show was a last minute addition, but I thank them for inviting me to even be a part of it!  You will be able to purchase the prints on their site and portion of the sales will be donated to American Red Cross.  The screen print will have a gallery edition of 75.  This show will run from October 5-28.  Spoiler alert: it has a ton of weapons on it.  Some of which are my own creation!

If you like in the Pacific Northwest, please make sure to check these shows out, you won’t be disappointed!  Also, if you end up going, please take some pics and send them to me please!

Here are the badass postcards!  I’ve got some more updates for you guys soon too!


Image by Tom Bagshaw
Image by Josh Budich and Blunt Graffix