Dead Rockstars: Seattle

by jAsian

Hello, it’s me again!

Tonight is the opening night Blunt Graffix’s Dead Rockstars: A TRIBUTE TO THE MORTAL GODS OF SOUND show at the LTD. Gallery in Seattle.  All of the pieces in this show are done with different types of printmaking technique.  In my case, I submitted a small edition of screen prints produced the talented and handsome Danny Askar.

I chose to do Kurt Cobain for a few reasons.  1. He’s a fucking badass rockstar.  2. The show takes place in seattle so it just seems too perfect to not pay tribute to him in his old stomping ground.  3.  I love Seattle.

I decided that with this piece I wanted to take a different approach and work off of an already powerful image and add a little of my own personal flare to it.  It’s dark.  It’s impactful (to me anyways). It’s grundge!

The show is only up this weekend, so make sure you check out all the work in person!


I Swear That I Don’t Have a Gun
18″ x 24″
Screen print on Curious Metallic White Gold 92 LB Paper
Hand s/n limited edition of 40

Artwork by Joshua Budich and produced by Blunt Graffix