Dead Rockstars: Seattle

by jAsian

I’m really not looking forward to it being Monday tomorrow, you guys…at all.

The opening and closing for this show was this weekend and from what I saw online, there’s some really badass prints in this show!  Super stoked to be involved with it and I wish I could’ve been there!  Special thanks to Blunt Graffix and LTD. Gallery for being awesome and for letting me put a picture of Kurt Cobain telling everyone to eff off for not being in Seattle ;).

These prints were printed by Danny Askar, who never ceases to amaze me with his printing skillz and for giving me pointers and collaborating.  This print is just as much his as mine -cue Academy Awards “hurry up” music-  These were printed on metallic white gold paper and it really helped give this print another element to make it more interesting.  If you hold it up at different angles, the changes colors a bit.  As you can tell I’m pretty excited about the new technology that’s just been revealed to me.

Anywho, these bad boys will be available Monday (10/1/12) either at LTD or Blunt Graffix’s site.  Take a gander, would ya?


Photo from LTD. Gallery

Image from LTD. Gallery

Image from LTD. Gallery

Image from LTD. Gallery