Updated site and Bad Robot Art Experience!

by jAsian

Hey everyone!

Wow it’s been a minute.  I’ve been busy with a lot of things that I’ve been working on and I think/hope you like what I’ve got in store!  Speaking of store, I have a new store and it has been relinked to my site and added it to my facebook page.

In case you haven’t seen my pieces yet, I did Star Trek.  I’m so excited for the next one!  I remember when I saw Star Trek.  I was already going into it as a Star Wars fan and when I walked out I said to my friend “WTF?!?  We need to get JJ to do a Star Wars movie to refresh the franchise that Lucas and Jar Jar destroyed.”  I guess someone else out there heard me! I also wanted to do Star Trek because the new one is coming out and I thought it would be fitting, especially since it’s fresh in mine and many others’ minds.

I’m releasing 2 versions of the print.  A blue regular and a multicolored variant.  I noticed that in the JJ Star Trek, majority of the film had a cool color tone and when I think of space, I mostly feel dark and cold.  As an homage to some of the older Star Trek posters I’ve seen, I did a heavy orange and warm tone variant.

We made the variants by using the split fountain method where you put multiple colors on a screen and then blend it so you get various gradations.  This results in no piece bing the same!!

The Bad Robot Experience will be on view at Gallery 1988 (WEST) on Melrose till May 18th.

For more pics of opening night and some other pieces, check out my Instagram


“Punch It”

9″ x 24″

2 color screen print (REG) edition of 50

multicolor screen print (VAR) edition of 20